Free download windows based bulk SMS software sends text messages including season greeting, meeting reminders, promotional campaigns forward contact information to group or individual via online PC to mobile phones connected to MS ActiveSync support all GSM/CDMA technology mobile marketing applications

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Bulk Text Messaging Software - Professional

Bulk Text Messaging Software offers a quick, cost-effective way to send text messages from any computer without Internet access. Simple yet easy to use bulk text messaging software sends large number of text sms to a list of phone numbers from PC to any of the mobile users supported by Windows based smart phones or GSM technology based mobile phones in few seconds. Easy to use Text messaging software is a simple to use desktop program for your PC computer. It allows you to send text messages. If you’re looking for a dedicated, standalone bulk messaging solution, this is the tool for you.

Advanced and technology based bulksms application is used to broadcast group sms of business applications, promote business campaigns, personalized sms (including family, friends, relatives etc), notifications, job alerts, interview alerts, reminders, marketing campaigns/advertising and other private firms worldwide.

Price : $69

How to benefit from interactive Text Messaging Software

Smart Messaging: Send SMS to individuals or list of phone numbers.

Manage Phone book/contacts: Import phone number list from Text file/Excel file format saved in PC.

Delayed Delivery Options: Provides facility to send SMS to control and customize the load of SMS.

Send SMS in any format: Advance option to send Notification or Standard SMS.

No set up or monthly cost required: There is only one time payment of the software with no renewals.

Supports all type of mobile phone: Compatible with major GSM technology based mobile devices and Windows based Mobile Phone handsets supported by Microsoft ActiveSync and Windows Mobile Device Center.

Save sent items details: Sent messages can easily be saved and viewed by the user.

Avoid Number Redundancy: Provides advance option to skip duplicate number entries.

Flexibility to use: Easy mobile phone connection wizard.

Why only Bulk Text Messaging Software

Reliable: Sends timed group sms to your customers, business partners, family members etc.

Effective: Provide effective way for mobile communications and mobile marketing needs.

Impact: Fast tool used in reaching customers nationwide and hitting the right audience in a very short span of time.

Flexible: Software can send text messages to bulk mobile phone contacts simultaneously.

Non-dependency: Software does not require any internet gateway to send sms to any of the national or international network service provider.

Affordable: Software is low cost and easily available for the common mobile users.

Take Advantage of bulk sms software

  • Minimizes your bulk sms sending complexity in a simple way
  • No prior technical knowledge required to access the software
  • No hidden charges or installation fees required
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Cost-effective and affordable to use
  • Sends sms on all mobile phones standard (GSM, CDMA, TDMA etc)

Bulk Text Messaging Software for GSM based Mobile Phone

Fast and reliable to use bulk text messaging tool for GSM based mobile phone is used to send instant bulk sms across the globe from your Desktop/PC to any other mobile using all major GSM phones.

Highly interactive and user-friendly platform used in global messaging, mobile marketing, maximizing your business potential, customizing mobile applications, mobile marketing solutions, business solutions, marketing campaigns, sending emergency alerts etc.

Software is applicable in various sectors such as Businesses, Schools, Airlines, Insurance Companies, Clubs and Societies, Tourism, Banks/Financial Institutions, Government and other business sectors.

Price : $45

Software General Features:

  • Provides facility to send unlimited number text SMS from computer to thousands of mobile phone contacts in just a single click.
  • Support for both national and international mobile networks.
  • Facilitates to enter list of numbers either manually, import from a text file or from mobile phone memory.

Software Working Features:

  • Send SMS to group of people or list of phone book contacts.
  • Eliminate duplicate number entries.
  • Commonly supports major GSM technology based mobile devices manufactures including Nokia, LG, Samsung, Motorola etc.
  • Send Notification or Standard SMS.
  • Eliminates redundant phone number entries.
  • Import phone number list from Text file/Excel file format saved in PC.

Advanced Features:

  • Send SMS with the facility of Delayed delivery option to release the load of sms.
  • You can view the details of the sent items.

Software Advantage

  • Saves time and money.
  • Fast, innovative and secure than any other communication process.
  • Easy to use and no need of technical skills.
  • No internet connection needed.

Bulk Text Messaging Software for Windows based Mobile Phone

Very useful and flexible to use Bulk Text Messaging Software for Windows based mobile phone sends large (mass) number of text messages to group or individuals from your computer using Windows based Pocket PC, PDA Mobile Phone Device to any other mobile phone in just one click. Bulk Messaging Software sends sms on all national or International Mobile Networks from your PC to your clients via mobile phone device connected to Microsoft ActiveSync and Windows Mobile Device Center.

Bulk Sms tool makes it easy to stay in touch with your family members, relatives, office colleagues, business community, friends, and social organizations by providing simplest way to establish communication with the use of sms sending utility in an easiest manner. Instant SMS marketing tool helps to send sms including greetings, Contests bulk SMS, event alert and notifications, invitation, promotional campaigns, meeting reminders, job alerts etc.

Price : $45

How can be the software so useful?

Software General Features:

  • User can send unlimited numbers of text messages from Personal Computer to mobile phones in just one click.
  • Recipient phone number can be entered manually or taken from any contact file or phone book memory.
  • No internet connection is needed to send SMS.
  • Both national and international Mobile Networks are supported by software to send SMS.
  • Sends SMS via your mobile phone connected with Microsoft ActiveSync and Windows Mobile Device Center.
  • Secure and easy to use utility with user friendly GUI interface.

Software Working Features:

  • Sends sms to individuals or list of phone numbers.
  • Import phone number list from Text file/Excel file format saved in PC or from phone memory.
  • Sent messages can easily be saved and viewed by the user.
  • Remove duplicate records from the list of phone book entries.

Software Advanced Features

  • Provides option to send SMS using single shot execution mode or one by one contact process mode.
  • You can easily view the details of sent items by selecting a number.
  • Advanced Synchronize Text SMS button that shows existing sms of the mobile phone withal the message details like Deleted Items, Drafts, Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items.
  • Advance option to send Notification or Standard SMS.

Pocket PC to Mobile Text Messaging Software

Fast and advanced Pocket PC to mobile text messaging software is used to send unlimited text messages to your friends, employees and relatives from your Pocket PC or smart phones to other mobile phones in a single click. Text messaging Software facilitates you to create and send sms to any group or individuals person including your event alert, notifications SMS, meeting alert for employees, season greetings, personalized SMS, job alerts invitation, promotional campaigns etc in one go.

Bulk SMS software is most helpful for business travelers, professional persons and managers etc to stay in touch or continue their important communication with their employees via text messages at the time when they are away from their work place. Software easily support all major brands of your Pocket PC and PDA devices including Samsung Pocket PC phone, Sharp W-Zero3 Pocket PC Phone, Siemens, T-Mobile MDA, Carrier Devices i-Mate, Motorola MPx200, Hitachi Pocket PC phone, HP iPAQ, HTC TyTN Pocket PC, Orange SPV E200 smart phone, Gigabyte gSmart, O2 Xphone, Palm Treo 700w etc.

Price : $45

Software Features:

  • Software facilitates you to insert recipient contact number manually, loads it from contact file or from your phone book memory.
  • Software with extraordinary messaging features enables you to send sms from anywhere with any network (National/International).
  • Software is easy to use with GUI interface.
  • No technical training or skills are required to understand the software.

Bulk Text Messaging Professional Bundle

Bulk Text Messaging Software Professional + Pocket PC to Mobile Text Messaging Software

Save your money by simply buying the software bundle that includes Bulk Text Messaging Professional and Pocket PC to Mobile Text Messaging Software in one pack.

Price : $79